Key Facts

Key Facts

  • 22 – 45 Million people caught in Modern Day Slavery
  • In 2015 in the UK, between 10,000 – 13,000 were reported as being exploited under the Modern Slavery Act.  These were only the ones that were reported. Real figures will be much higher
  • Modern Day Slavery exists in every town and city in the UK


What We Do

My Gateway To Freedom

My Gateway To Freedom is an NGO that seeks to Prevent and Respond to Modern Day Slavery issues and victims needs.


  • We aim to prevent Modern Day Slavery through raising awareness of Modern Day Slavery, and by helping to economically empower impoverished communities, by supporting social enterprises that act to help their community.

Responding To Victims Needs

  • Our overall aim is to provide a specialist rehabilitation centre for survivors of Modern Day Slavery.  This is to aid in their full recovery by provide counselling and support services, so survivors can adjust and re-integrate back into normal life.



"Prevention is better than a cure". That is and always will be our main strategy. Our ‘prevention’ arm of the charity primarily exists to address the “root” causes surrounding Modern Day Slavery.  We have two main preventive strategies. 

Raising Awareness (Training)

  • Education is vital to combating any issue.  At Gateway, raising awareness is one of our primary preventive ways of tackling Modern Day Slavery.  We do this by running training seminars. We aim to empower people to recognise Modern Day Slavery, know how to spot the signs and how to report it, so victims can be rescued.

Tackling Poverty

  • Our second way of preventing Modern Day Slavery is by working with organisations to that aim to address poverty in communities.  Poverty is one of the main common denominators which causes vulnerability of those being exploited.  We aim to help organisations that want to start social enterprises to help bring economic stability and empowerment to communities, where Modern Day Slavery occurs.



Responding To The Needs Of Victims

Our response strategy is about supporting the immediate needs of victims

  • Research has found that a victim is normally held captive for a number of years before they are identified and rescued.
  • In the UK, when a victim is rescued, they are given help for 45 days. This is called “a period of reflection.”
  • After 45 days, the survivors of Modern Day Slavery are released and unfortunately, some end up being re-trafficked again.
  • It is evident that victims that have undergone prolong periods of physical, emotional and psychological abuse/exploitation need more than 45 days to recover from the trauma they have experienced.
  • This is where we come in

You can help


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