Modern Day Slavery for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Senior Managers

This training is aimed at upper management to help you put effective policies and procedures in place to tackle Modern Day Slavery within your educational environment.  It will help you formulate strategies to know how to tackle this issues in relation to both staff and students alike.


To help Management (Principals, Vice Principals, HR, Designated Safeguarding Officers) to develop effective Polices and Procedures to include Modern Day Slavery in their:

  • Safeguarding Policies
  • Supply Chains
  • Staff Development


Session Logistics

  • 3hrs
  • Costs include material and refreshments

Cost of Training

  • Between 1-5 Delegates (£100 + VAT per delegate)
  • Between 6-10 Delegate (£90 + VAT per delegate) 
  • Between 11+ delegates (£80 + VAT per delegate)


Staff Development

More and more UK Nationals are falling prey to Modern Day Slavery, including students who are vulnerable to the tactics of traffickers.   Our training will empower staff to understand what Modern Say Slavery is, how to Spot the Signs and what to do if they suspect if someone they encounter are being trafficked.


To help teaching and support staff become aware of:

  • What Modern Day Slavery is
  • Spot the signs in an educational environment
  • How to report this from a safeguarding point of view


Session Logistics

  • 3hrs (scaleable according to organisational needs

Cost of Training

  • Free
  • Donations Welcomed


Safeguarding Students

Our training shows how UK nationals are trafficked into Modern Day Slavery, and how easy it can be for traffickers to prey on victims. We cover topics such as:

  • e-Safety
  • Relational issues
  • illegal money lending
  • Drug and substance abuse 
  • Domestic violence

These are issues which many students face on a day to day basis, and can become the catalyst’s to being vulnerable to traffickers. The outcome of our training is to safeguard students from being exploited and to know where to turn for help should they needed it.


To help students become aware of

  • What Modern Day Slavery is
  • Situations which may cause them to become vulnerable to Modern Day Slavery
  • Where to turn for help should they encounter this issue


Session Logistics

1hr 30mins (scaleble according to organisational needs)

Cost of Training

  • FREE
  • Donations Welcomed