"Prevention is better than a cure". That is and always will be our main strategy. Our ‘prevention’ arm of the charity primarily exists to address the “root” causes surrounding Modern Day Slavery.  We have two main preventive strategies. 

Raising Awareness (Training)

  • Education is vital to combating any issue.  At Gateway, raising awareness is one of our primary preventive ways of tackling Modern Day Slavery.  We do this by running training seminars. We aim to empower people to recognise Modern Day Slavery, know how to spot the signs and how to report it, so victims can be rescued.

Tackling Poverty

  • Our second way of preventing Modern Day Slavery is by working with organisations to that aim to address poverty in communities.  Poverty is one of the main common denominators which causes vulnerability of those being exploited.  We aim to help organisations that want to start social enterprises to help bring economic stability and empowerment to communities, where Modern Day Slavery occurs.